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The LCARS SDK is a collection of graphical and coding tools that generate a high quality and functional implementation of the LCARS methodology.

Provided is a set of vector files and base methodology design standards coded in CSS.  Also included is the optional JavaScript API for fast development of functional and data driven interfaces. From web pages, applications and up through even operating system environments the LCARS SDK can be applied. With a modular structure the LCARS methodology can expanded or ported for cross-platform use. Just don't use a legacy web browser. The LCARS SDK looks forward, not backwards.

Lastly, in the spirit of the Federation and the goals humans aspire to within the fantastic fictional universe of Star Trek, the LCARS SDK is an open collection allowing for collective contribution, enhancement and benefit.

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The LCARS SDK is opensource and GIT hosted!
Non-Profit Use Only.

Expandable API

The LCARS SDK provides a robust and portable framework API, adaptable systems that utilizes a modern webview.

Pixel Precision

Web is vector and so is the LCARS methodology. Convert your designs into functional interfaces in no time!

Web Technologies

Utilize cutting edge features like flex and CSS filters. As technology evolves, so will the LCARS SDK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to a collection of requests and basic information

What are the requirements to use the LCARS SDK?

There is only one basic requirement:  A Modern Webview

Legacy support for cross browser websites or other scenarios will be up to the development team themselves.  The LCARS SDK is a single person project and focuses on the current available tool sets and techniques. 

Can I use the LCARS SDK in XYZ project?

The projects code can be utilized in any project and modified as needed.  As normal with opensource or freely available code and assets, please do not release a compiled version of the LCARS SDK as an official project.  

The only line that can not be crossed is the strict prohibition of the LCARS SDK being utilized within a for-profit project or organization.

Is this an officially recognized Star Trek project?


The LCARS SDK was simply created by a fan for the fans.

Can you add ABC-Element to the LCARS SDK?

As the SDK grows so will the collection of included basic element variations and widgets.  Not all elements or widgets will or can be included.  The goal the the SDK is to simply provide a standard in design and a functionality framework and allow users to generate unique layouts and logic flowing interfaces.

I think MNOP-element is styled wrong and here is QRS-reasons why!


Let us know what you see is wrong and some screenshots of the source design material for reference and we can see what can be done!  Note though, not all variations of a specific element will be available by default.  

The LCARS SDK only strives to provide a common ground base for element types and they can be tweaked on a per-project basis.

Can I donate to the project?

This project is entirely non-profit so for any profitable donation please instead choose a local charity and donate to them instead.

The only type of donation that this project can receive is personal time and skill to help expand either the core library or the associated first party applications and environments.